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Welcome to JJ Anime a.k.a. Double J Anime. This site was given birth to on 2000.7.4. Here you will find a plethora of things to keep your lazy minds occupied and distracted from the innecessities of the real world by replacing them with a more pressing issue -- anime! As you can all see, there are 5 categories in which you can roam around. In the bio section you will find "info" on me, as well as discover why this site is known as "Double" J Anime. In links, you will find LINKS to over 5000 anime sites, all categorized in alphabetical order and accordingly to the language for your viewing pleasure. In return to the light you will find a calendar, news on weather, and a chinese radio station. In conspire you will discover a chat room, a bullentin board, and a guestbook which I hope you will sign. And in contact, you will find more info on how to contact me.